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Privet hedging provides important habitats for a huge number of our native wildlife species. They are natural architectural feature in our countryside and represent a living history. Used for thousands of years throughout Britain as a symbol of effluence...from the Bronze age of infancy to modern times they are ornamental symbols of landscape architecture.

Nuna's version is expressed n this wonderful privet textural yarn of green grass and mossy greenery. 

Breed Yarn: Hand Spun Alpaca/Kid Mohair

Weight: 3/ply lace

Quantity: 2

Yardage: 440 per skein

Weight: 3.05oz.

Sts per inch: 5.25

Needle size: 4-6

Patterns: Each yarn comes with reversible Barbara Walker favorite pattern booklet. Included are knitting tips for casting on and such...happy knitting!!!