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No. 7-12 inch Ebony Finale Needle
No. 7-12 inch Ebony Finale Needle

No. 7-12 inch Ebony Finale Needle

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Ebony is a tropical tree found in Africa, Asia, Ceylon and India. Each country has its own unique botanical varieties. The Distinctly Black Heart Wood has been prized for musical instruments, designer furnishings, chess figures, needle arts tools and other purposes for thousands years. 

Due to its dense black center... it can be hard to work with. Each country has its own secrets in the practices of farming, harvesting, production and product of this prized exotic wood.

Wood is heavy, hard, close-grained, dark red-brown tinged with purple, almost indestructible when used for fence posts, and valued for cabinet work. Seeds can be roasted and eaten, or polished and strung into jewelry.  

The warmth of the wood, smooth finishes, ergonomic and weightlessness makes it perfect for needle arts tools and shawl pins.

 Nuna's ebony needles are made in India by skilled wood working villages.