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John Laing "Butter Cup"
John Laing "Butter Cup"
John Laing "Butter Cup"
John Laing "Butter Cup"
John Laing "Butter Cup"
John Laing "Butter Cup"

John Laing "Butter Cup"

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In 1831, Major John Laing establishes a luxury cashmere mill founded in Hawick Scotland...the epicenter of cashmere country.. It is the oldest Scottish fully-fashioned knitwear brand still to be manufactured in Scotland today. 

All garments are expertly crafted by a highly skilled family workforce that have been passed down from multiple generations to create unique, yearly collections. 

Hawick folk law says it has a secret ingredient that makes it's cashmere the softest of it's kind...Volcanic geology dating back 330 millon years ago...coined "Soft Scottish Waters". This is why the couture houses of Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Burberry continue to make their cashmere collections in Scotland.

Vintage age: 70+ years

Style: Classic cable design

Chest Size: 40in.

Sleeve length: 13.5in.

Waist: 34-36in Tapered

Body length: 13.5in.

Condition: Perfect Vintage condition

Gauge: 2ply.

Color: Butter cup

Micron: 12.5 (softness)... this genetic does not exist in the market today.

Placket: Grosgrain ribbon

Findings: 1 extra vintage buttons inside sewn 

Findings: Black MOP buttons.

Restoration: Hand laundered in Nuna's formulated wool wash.