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Icy Sweet
Icy Sweet
Icy Sweet

Icy Sweet

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The Angora/Mohair goat was in existence in biblical times and valued for its fleece as a luxury fibre even then. The best Mohair was fabled to come from the Ankara region of what is now known as Turkey.

Mohair is known as "The Diamond Fiber" for its strength, softness and luster. It is a hair not a wool...Because it is a hair, it behaves as human hair does. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. These properties are particularly valuable for garments such as suiting. base layers, athletic wear and  socks.

Fiber:  Mohair

Stock: 1

Color: Mohair has high luster (ice) luster. Hand dyed of sweet colors of pinks, yellows, light greens and yellows.

Yarn: 1ply core spun

Yardage: 1,000 +/- per skein

Price: $80.00

Projects: garments and shawls

Patterns: Each yarn comes with reversible Barbara Walker favorite pattern booklet. Included are knitting tips and tricks...happy knitting!!!