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Folks think these sheep have blue faces. They get their name from the short white hairs growing over their black skinned heads. In certain natural light their heads really look blue. Robert Bakewell created the breeding program in the early 1900's. BLF (as it is referred) has the right amount of length and crimp for versatility no matter what the project.

Fiber: 100% USA Farm Raised BFL

Micron: 24-28 (24 is next to skin softness)

Yarn: Soft spun - 1ply bulky 

Stock: 7

Yardage: 250 per skein

Price: $17.00 + shipping and handling

Ounces: 2.65 +/-

Projects: hats and other accessories.

Patterns: Each yarn comes with reversible Barbara Walker favorite pattern booklet. Included are knitting tips and tricks...happy knitting!!!