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Darlene  "Spontaneity"
Darlene  "Spontaneity"
Darlene  "Spontaneity"
Darlene  "Spontaneity"
Darlene  "Spontaneity"

Darlene "Spontaneity"

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Vintage Darlene Mid-Century Sweaters are reminiscent of the “MAD MEN” era from 1950-1960’s. Every girl wanted a DARLENE sweater. They were the perfect “SWEATER GIRL” style. Each one of a kind collection featured Monet style hand screened floral and “MOD” abstract designs. In 2018 the movie "First Man" female cast members wore Darlene's

Angoras rabbits date back to around 1723. As the story goes, there were some sightseeing French sailors who pulled into a Turkish port called known as Ankara It was in this town where they saw native women wearing very beautiful shawls that were like no other that they had seen. 

They inquired about the fine wool in the shawls and much to their surprise found it to be from the Angora rabbits. Thus the sailors secured some of the rabbits to take back to France where the nobles kept them as pets and developed the spinnability of luxurious angora yarn.

Nuna lovingly restores these beauties with careful hand washing. Button details are replaced with vintage mother of pearl buttons. There is an added connection here also....Nuna has a small flock angora rabbits that travel to markets educating folks about the wonderful fiber animals and correct shearing practices.

Fiber Content: 60% wool, 40% Angora rabbit fur.
Floral Print: Hand screened F/B asymmetrical floral prints.
Condition: Perfect vintage condition. No holes, colt fading or tears.
Restoration Process: 2-3hours. Hand washing, Hand blocking, placket blocking and hand sewn vintage MOP buttons.
Button detail: Vintage Tahitian black mother of pearl buttons. (2 button replacement sewn inside). Pic shows pearl buttons...switched out for authentic MOP buttons.
Chest: 36-38inches
Sleeves: 3/4 length
Body Length: 13inches
Waist: 30-34inches tapered ease.
Placket & Piping Detail: Angora (circa 1950-1955)