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Saxon merino sheep developed in Spain in the 16th century. They were highly prized for their fine wool. In 1788, the first Merino sheep arrived in Australia derived from the famed Royal Merino Flocks of Spain. Thus procuring the "Saxon" genetics of merino with a micron of 12.5. Since then, wool has always been used in fashion.

Fiber: 100% USA Merino

Yarn: Woolen soft spun 2ply Sport

Stock: 1

Yardage: 100 per skein

Price: $25.00 per skein + shipping and handling

Projects: hats and other accessories.

Color: Hand dyed variegated color - shades of pink, peach, salmon, tan, oranges and purples.

Patterns: Each yarn comes with reversible Barbara Walker favorite pattern booklet. Included are knitting tips for casting on and such...happy knitting!!!