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In a world of mass produced fashion, Peggie Ehlers turns back the clock to a simpler time when nature was the genuine source of beauty and style. Her decades of experience in sourcing and working with natural fibers combine naturally with her passion to promote the qualities of the sustainable farm to fashion trend. This respect for the natural supply chain has inspired her to bring to market beautiful wool garments, knit accessories and bespoke hats through the NUNA KNITS and GIORGI EHLERS brands.

As a meticulous craftsman Peggie’s skills span the worlds of knitting, hand spinning, millinery and teaching. She has forecasted trends for national and international fiber farmers, formulated the Wetherbie® wool wash brand and created one of a kind, breed specific blended yarns/garments/hats for private industry designers and farmers.The design and production for both labels follows the same formulas from supply chain, through design to finished product lines. All sourced ingredients begin with private supply chains from trappers and hunters, breed specific fiber farmers and straw growers sourced locally and globally. Then the fun begins... Vintage wood blocks, vintage buttons, antique trinkets, exotic woods, exquisite European made ribbons, feathered and leathered accents are part of the extensive palette that Peggie draws from to give birth to her creations. Each has its own story, and yes, its own swagger waiting for its wearer, its mate to carry it into the world and to stand out from the crowd of todays “ho hum” fashion.

“NUNA” is a native American name meaning “of the land”. All people, plants, and animals depend on this land for food and nourishment. The animals feed on, while farmers plant, harvest and steward the land. The “NUNA” and “GIORGI EHLERS” brands embraces this commitment to the land assuring you that every design is not only naturally beautiful but also respectfully and sustainability sourced. Furthermore, the brands commitment to local growers and suppliers, assures consumers that they will be supporting the growing trend to buy local and buy natural.

PEGGIE EHLERS is a native Long Island “North Forker” ... a “lifer” as the locals say... A fiber farmer herself, Peggie raises a small flock of angora rabbits that are raised for their exquisite fur. They are lovingly exhibited, educating the public about fiber animals and their sustainability. They are the intricate supply chain for both brands accessories, blocked hats, garments and hand knitting yarns.